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Video Marketing Hamilton: Look Into My Eyes

Another great reason to use video in your marketing and on your website is that no other medium will allow your viewers to look into your eyes and get a sense of who you really are like video can.

As humans we relate to each other by communicating, looking into each others eyes, and reading our body language. Often what we say to each other is less important than some of the other signals we’re sending. We typically know rather quickly if this person is someone that we trust enough to want to hear more about. Read More→

Web-Video-Marketing;How To Get More Business From Your Website

Video Marketing Hamilton, Niagara

You’ve spent lots of time and money creating the perfect website for your business. Congratulations! It looks great and I’m sure you’re really proud to send your customers and prospective clients there.

So how much has your business increased with your great new site? As you’re reading this are you hearing your inner voice saying “Nope…no increase”? Read More→

A Real Estate Agent Talks About Web Video

For the past three years I’ve been promoting the use of web video to my clients to help enhance their business.  During that time we’ve seen the growth of web video and web video advertising compound several times over.

We all watch videos on the internet…in fact…for some it’s replaced TV!  Did you know that YouTube is now regarded as the world’s 3rd most popular search engine?  Surely we must all know and understand by now that seeing a live person on a webpage directly speaking to a web visitor in a video is going to be more effective than written copy.

Still, most small and medium sized businesses are not using web video on their websites!

Well here’s a video that a client of mine was kind enough to send to me.  Ronn James has been in the real estate business in Canada for almost 30 years and is currently an Oakville Real Estate Agent with Stonemill Realty in Oakville.  But this guy is no old timer.  He’s more cutting edge than most of his real estate competitors and in fact most business people in general.

I hope you’ll enjoy this video where Ronn sends his fellow real estate agents a wake up call.  And if you’re looking for a great Real Estate Agent in Oakville and surrounding areas, here’s a link to follow; Ronn James.

Web Video Advertising: Local Small Business Opportunity.

Online video is rapidly becoming the preferred method of advertising on the internet.

You simply cannot achieve the same degree of attention getting magnetism with any other medium.  Web video helps businesses to increase sales and their bottom line, yet it is comparatively so affordable that any small business can use web video.

Web advertisers who are looking to maximize their profits and exposure online are quickly turning to web video.  In fact, it has been predicted that over the next few years, web video advertising may in fact rival “web search” itself as the fastest growing advertising area.  The opportunity is NOW!  You need to get in on this BEFORE it’s a saturated market.

Using online video can enhance the performance of your website by way of providing several back links to it from high authority video sharing sites such as YouTube.  It’s pretty widely known that the number-one way to advance your website in the search engines is to get other sites linking to you.  In addition to uploading your videos to several of these video sharing sites, you need to make sure that you’ve added in the tags and description and that you’ve made them both keyword rich for search terms that are important to you.  This way your videos should get prominent rankings in the search engines, even if your website doesn’t.  There’s also evidence that says that a searcher will typically click on a video or image before they’ll click on a regular text link in the search results.

Web video advertising is relatively new and inexpensive
this will more than likely change as the market becomes saturated with different technologies. According to US-based firm eMarketer, spending on video and advertising is anticipated to rise to $3 billion by 2010. Currently less than 1% of websites incorporate streaming video, yet there is a captive audience of 1 billion web video users. There is a demand, and savvy internet marketers will feed it.

Web video advertising is still a fairly new strategy for may small to medium businesses. It’s also still inexpensive to do. That however will likely change over the next little while since it has been predicted that online video advertising will hit about $3 billion in advertising sales by the end of 2010!  There are currently less than 1% of all websites using web video even in spite of the fact that there are well over 1 billion video watchers online.  The demand is high, and sharp internet marketing companies will make sure that it gets fed.

If you want more traffic. If you want to quickly get people to know, like, and trust you.  If you want more sales.  If you want to be known as the local authority in your business.  If you want to beat your competitors on, and offline, you need to get on the web video band wagon today.

To learn more about web video, check this out; Web Video Advertising Samples.

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Become The Go To Expert by Barry Lebow – Video

I just viewed a video that I wanted to share with you. It’s on Michael Krisa’s amazing Real Estate education site; “That Interview Guy”.

The video is from Barry Lebow who is a Canadian icon in the Real Estate world. Barry talks about differentiation that a Real Estate agent must be aware of and specifically he drills into niche marketing.  He makes the point very clear that Real Estate Agents must strive to become the “Go To Expert” in their defined niche; expensive condos, horse farms, etc.

If you’re a seasoned Real Estate professional, or you’re just getting started, you’ll get some great tips from Barry Lebow’s video.  But even if you’re not in the Real Estate business, Barry’s sage advice can apply to any business you can think of.  It’s all about specialization and becoming the recognized Go To Expert in your field.

If you want to find out about a great way to use video to brand yourself as the “Go To Expert” in the niche you choose, please have a look at the video on our home page.  Video marketing is the most effective way to brand yourself, and sell your products and services online.  If you want to learn more about this, please send me a note or give me a call.
You might also want to check out our video advertising samples.

In the meantime, here’s the link to Barry Lebow’s video, and while you’re on Michael’s website, leave him a comment…tell him Murray sent you.