Although I spend most of my time working on my client’s websites, social media sites, and online promotional activities, there’s one online activity that I would like to see my clients use more.

Email is still the most popular activity that people do online.  Yes, more popular than Facebook and Google combined.!  Yet there are so many small businesses that are not taking advantage of this easy to use marketing tool.

There is a fear about email marketing that needs to be addressed. It is NOT spam! No, we’re not talking about filling the inboxes with messages and advertisements to people who don’t wan’t to receive them.  Email marketing is all about sending valuable, useable information that the reader WANTS to receive and has agreed to subscribe to.

Then there is the security and privacy component. In Canada you are responsible to ensure that collected private information, i.e. a name and email address, is stored securely.  The way to do this is to subscribe to an email service such as Aweber or Constant Contact.  These services will ensure that  your database of email information is secure.
The only way that you can send an email through these services is when someone has “opted-in”, or agreed to receive your messages.  This way you cannot be accused of spamming, but in addition, your messages will be better received by the reader because they actually want to read your stuff.

Email marketing provides several benefits but here are just a few to consider;

  • Affordability; Email is likely the most affordable and effective form of advertising available to any business.  The average return is $50.00 for every $1.00 spent on email marketing.
  • Tracking; There are few marketing channels that are as good at tracking campaign results as email marketing.  You can quickly gain information such as clickthrough rates, open rates, deliverability rates, etc.
  • Professional Email Templates; There was a time when you had to design and build your own email templates in order to have something attractive to send to your subscribers.  But no longer.  Both Aweber and Constant Contact provide a great selection of pre-made temlpates to choose from.

Email can be effectively used to gain new customers as well as keep current ones.  There’s really not a better way to keep in touch with your fans on a regular basis.

Just follow the email rules and provide good solid content and information that your readers will want to read.


Murray McFadgen is a service oriented Internet Marketing professional serving online needs of Niagara Region businesses since 2008.
With a successful Sales and Marketing background Murray helps small to medium sized businesses to gain more leads and customers from their internet marketing efforts. He uses an effective blend of Web Video Marketing, Highly Optimized, lead generating websites, and Mobile Marketing technologies to help his clients out perform their competition online.
Murray can be reached at; 905-328-6957
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