Another great reason to use video in your marketing and on your website is that no other medium will allow your viewers to look into your eyes and get a sense of who you really are like video can.

As humans we relate to each other by communicating, looking into each others eyes, and reading our body language. Often what we say to each other is less important than some of the other signals we’re sending. We typically know rather quickly if this person is someone that we trust enough to want to hear more about.

On the internet a static website can’t help the viewer get to know, like, and trust you. In video however, your viewers can not only hear what you’re saying but they can also feel the energy you’re giving off and this will help them to decide if you’re someone they want to listen to, and perhaps do business with.

In this day and age of natural skepticism, we all have pretty sensitive BS filters. Video can help put your viewers at ease and feel a little more comfortable with you and your business.

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