Video Marketing Niagara;Becoming a Video Niagara Star!

The age of television taught us to associate the people we see on camera as somewhat of an expert.  As an example; for years many Canadians watched Lloyd Robertson on the 11:00 pm news. Most viewers trusted that Lloyd was telling us the truth. He was a likeable, trustworthy friend that we looked forward to inviting into our home every night.  When Lloyd retired, we began to accept his replacement, Lisa LaFlamme.  The same can be said about our favourite movie and television stars.

Well because we’re used to associating frequently viewed personalities as being somewhat of an expert in their field, it’s really quite simple to become a local, regional, or even national and international authority in your particular business. All that you need to do is create some great content that your audience will be interested in, then get in front of the camera and present the content. This strategy will bring you a tremendous amount of credibility in your industry and it sends out a clear signal that you know what you’re talking about.

So lets take the example of a Real Estate Agent.

Typical Realtors might do simple slideshow videos of their properties as a showcase. Non-typical Realtors will create some content around the specific area of each of their properties and then do a series of videos presenting that material. If you were a prospective buyer would you be more impressed with some slideshow images, or a real person telling you about the property, local schools, parks, shopping, recreation, and everything else related to that property. Do you think that after viewing several of these videos you might feel a bit of a connection to the Real Estate Agent?

Video Marketing Niagara style is very easy to do and will work for anyone who needs to get new customers and leads. So if you’re a Lawyer, Dentist, Chiropractor, Restaurant Owner, Bed & Breakfast Operator, Car Dealer, etc. in the Niagara Region, this will work for you.

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Murray McFadgen is a service oriented Internet Marketing professional serving online needs of Niagara Region businesses since 2008.
With a successful Sales and Marketing background Murray helps small to medium sized businesses to gain more leads and customers from their internet marketing efforts. He uses an effective blend of Web Video Marketing, Highly Optimized, lead generating websites, and Mobile Marketing technologies to help his clients out perform their competition online.
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